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When the EMEA Duo Partner Kick-Off Goes Virtual
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When the EMEA Duo Partner Kick-Off Goes Virtual

It's 2019, we have just finished the last group karaoke sing-a-long to Toto's "Africa” and said farewell to all of our amazing partners that attended our last partner kick off at Sopwell House. We spent the past couple of days discussing what the next year is going to bring us, and we naively said “can't wait for PKO 2020!” 

None of us could've predicted the year that we have had, but what stood out to us against all the odds is we can still come together, virtually, and give the best that we have got to make sure we deliver first class solutions to our customers.  After all “It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you”

At the event, we delved into the Zero Trust Market Opportunity with Forrester’s Dr. Chase Cunningham. We showed you where Duo is heading with a look at our Product Roadmap, and we delved into how Duo’s Zero Trust offering can benefit your customers during a product walk through. 

We recognized the achievements of our partners, and we explored Umbrella’s solutions. We also sat down with Dug Song and Wendy Nather to learn about how Duo is handling this time of uncertainty with our speed of change and integrations. Lastly, we got a look at how attackers work with our guest speakers, Cygenta’s Dr. Jessica Barker and her husband, FC.

Watch the Session On Demand

All the on demand presentation can be found below, you will just need a account to access them - 

Introduction with Ryan Franks & Lothar Renner 

Market Opportunity with Forrester 

What’s New with Duo, Jim Simpson 

Live Demo with Josh Green 

How Duo Works with Umbrella 

Panel Discussion with Duo GM Dug Song, Duo Head of Advisory CISOs Wendy Nather 

Live Hacking with Dr Jessica Barker 

On behalf of Fiona Doak and Ryan Franks - “It was a pleasure to host the MSP and Strategic partner breakout sessions, and share knowledge and direction with so many of our partners. "It’s amazing what we can achieve when we do it together." We are excited to support and grow with our partners this year. As we did at the kick-off, we want to encourage Duo partners to try Duo yourself via the NFR, tell our story to your customers and lead the success of our customers who need Duo right now.

This year, we reviewed the many partnerships we have and looked at which stood out in the following categories: Best MSP Newcomer, Best Partner Newcomer, MSP of the Year, and Strategic Partner of the Year. We want to thank all four of these companies, and highlight why we’ve chosen them.  

The Award Winners of 2020 


Strategic Partner of The Year - CDW

Throughout 2020, our relationship with CDW grew significantly, and because of their demonstrated thought leadership and teamwork with Duo, CDW is a worthy winner in this category. Together we have educated teams, shared best practices and explored new routes to market, which resulted in some key customer wins, including the University of Liverpool.  We look forward to building on these foundations and repeating this success with them in FY21.

MSP of The Year - Telenor 

Telenor joined the Duo MSP program in mid-2018 after years of being a Duo customer for their internal deployment. They worked closely with our channel and MSP teams to ensure they understood the Duo product inside out, both from a technical perspective as well as the various ways of packaging it up for their customers, and they launched their MSP practise in early 2020. Since then, they have successfully managed Duo for an ever-expanding list of their MSP customers, and we look forward to continued growth together!

Best Partner Newcomer - Motiv

Since the adoption of the Cisco security suite of products, Motiv has proven to be a focused partner in these solutions. They value the Duo relationship, and great progress has been made in FY20. We look forward to a fruitful and successful FY21, and we embrace the trusted partnership between Motiv and Duo Security! 

Best MSP Newcomer - Paradyn 

Paradyn has been a valued Duo MSP Partner since the end of 2018, using Duo for their own internal deployment. Since March 2020 they have grown more and more in the Irish public sector and have worked very closely with our MSP Team to ensure that the customers they onboarded were protected with Duo. We thank Paradyn for a wonderful partnership so far and we look forward to growing even further with them in the future!

Congratulations to all four of our award winners. At Duo, we’ve made it our mission to democratize security, and with your help, we continue to widen our reach and ensure companies big and small are protected. Thank you again for your support and teamwork. We’re proud to have you in our partner community, and we’re excited to continue that partnership in the years ahead. 

More information on our partners can be found at Find out what Duo can do for you too. Take advantage of the free 30-day trial and experience Duo for yourself at

We look forward to welcoming you to our next EMEA partner event 2021, and hope we get to see you all in person soon!

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