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BlackTech Espionage Gang Adds to Malware Toolset

Researchers at VB2021 localhost gave an inside look into new malware families that the BlackTech espionage group is now using.

Malware, Apt, Net Exploitation

Espionage Attacks Against Telecom, Aerospace Firms Reveal Stealthy RAT

A RAT that has stayed under the radar for at least three years was recently uncovered in highly targeted espionage attacks against companies in the telecommunications and aerospace industries.

Malware, Cyber Crime, Dropbox, Remote Access Trojan

New ESPecter UEFI Bootkit Discovered

Researchers have discovered a new UEFI bootkit called ESPecter that can modify the Windows Boot Manager.

Malware, Uefi

Fear of Pegasus Spyware Used to Spread Sarwent RAT

The fear surrounding the Pegasus spyware tool is being used to lure victims to a fake Amnesty International site that installs the Sarwent RAT.


Cybercriminals Beginning to Leverage Proxyware for Malware Installation

Some cybercrime groups are using trojaned proxyware installers to gain a foothold on victim machines and install malware and cryptominers.

Malware, Cryptomining