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Authentication Proxy - Video Overview

Last Updated: January 22nd, 2019

Follow along as this video series takes you through installing and configuring the Duo Authentication Proxy in a variety of usage scenarios. For additional information about the proxy, please see the Authentication Proxy Reference documentation.

Part One: Installing and Updating

View the installation and upgrade processes for the Duo Authentication Proxy software on a Windows server.


Or, watch the same process on a Linux server.


Reference: Installation

Part Two: Configuring Primary Authentication

Learn how to add Microsoft Active Directory as the primary authentication source to the Duo Authentication Proxy configuration.


Or, how to configure the Duo Authentication Proxy on Linux with a RADIUS server as the primary authentication source.


Reference: Client Sections: ad_client

Part Three: Setting Up an Application

See how to add the application or device that you want to protect with Duo to the Authentication Proxy using RADIUS.


Reference: Server Sections: RADIUS Auto

Part Four: Adding Multiple Applications

Understand how one Authentication Proxy server deployment can protect multiple applications or devices.


Reference: Server Sections

Part Five: Common Optional Configurations and Features

Discover some popular additional configuration options for the Duo Authentication Proxy.


References: Main Section: debug, Encrypting Passwords, Server Sections: failmode


Need some help? Take a look at the Authentication Proxy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or try searching our Authentication Proxy Knowledge Base articles or Community discussions. For further assistance, contact Support.