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Authentication Proxy - Video Overview

Follow along as this video series takes you through installing and configuring the Duo Authentication Proxy in a variety of usage scenarios. For additional information about the proxy, please see the Authentication Proxy Reference documentation.

Part One: Installing and Updating

View the installation and upgrade processes for the Duo Authentication Proxy software on a Windows server.


Or, watch the same process on a Linux server.


Reference: Installation

Part Two: Configuring Primary Authentication

Learn how to add Microsoft Active Directory as the primary authentication source to the Duo Authentication Proxy configuration.


Reference: Client Sections: ad_client

Part Three: Setting Up an Application

See how to add the application or device that you want to protect with Duo to the Authentication Proxy using RADIUS.


Reference: Server Sections: RADIUS Auto

Part Four: Adding Multiple Applications

Understand how one Authentication Proxy server deployment can protect multiple applications or devices.


Reference: Server Sections

Part Five: Common Optional Configurations and Features

Discover some popular additional configuration options for the Duo Authentication Proxy.


References: Main Section: debug, Encrypting Passwords, Server Sections: failmode

Additional Troubleshooting

Need more help? Try searching our Knowledge Base articles or Community discussions. For further assistance, contact Support.

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