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Welcome to Tech Notes

Steve Manzuik June 5th, 2019 (Last Updated: June 5th, 2019)

00. Welcome to Tech Notes

Here at Duo Labs we have tried to keep consistent research notes when working on our various projects. We do this because we feel it’s just as important to capture the journey of a research project, as it is to capture the end result. Additionally, as we perform our day to day tasks we run into all kinds of technical hurdles or even new ideas that we want to capture for future use. Over the years this has been accomplished internally via a few different systems that we will write about later, but along the way we came to the realization that as part of our mission to democratize security we should be sharing the knowledge in some of our notes.

While this sounds like a pretty simple thing to do, we quickly found that most of our notes just do not fit on Duo's blog or as a research paper. With the help of our Creative and Web teams we added a section to the Labs corner of called "Labs Tech Notes".

This gives us a spot to externalize some of our notes that explain how we did something, not just the final result of the work. However, there are a few warnings / caveats. When we publish a formal research paper or even a blog post it goes through multiple rounds of editing by both our Labs team and Creative teams. The result is typically a well polished, easy to read paper or blog. For our tech notes, we are intentionally skipping the polish, with the idea being that we wanted to quickly publish the notes we’re already capturing internally with as little additional work as possible. Consider this our stream of consciousness captured and published for all to read.

That said, we hope that you find our notes useful for whatever you may be working on. We hope to share things we learn, things we fail on and our ideas on things that are worthwhile for future research projects. While we are offering these with no warranties or support we do welcome feedback. You can always reach out via email - or hit us on Twitter.