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Duo For Higher Education

New School Security For Your Campus

Protect students and staff with Duo’s comprehensive, easy-to-use security solution that confirms the identity of users and the health of their devices before they connect to your applications.

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What You Get With Duo:

Duo supports accredited U.S.-based institutions through InCommon and Internet2’s NET+ program, allowing higher education institutions to deploy our Trusted Access platform broadly and cost-effectively.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial to get full access to the features of our Trusted Access suite and start securing your users in minutes.

Your Free Trial Includes:

  • Two-factor authentication with access to all authentication methods
  • Secure on-prem apps and cloud apps
  • Quickly provision users with Microsoft Entra ID synchronization
  • Easily manage your users with administrative roles and groups management
  • User access policies to block access based on location and network
  • Visibility into the security health of your devices with Device Insight
  • Device access policies to block access or notify users of outdated devices
  • Secure single sign-on (SSO) to protect cloud applications


  • I believe using Duo Security has gone a long way at preventing phishing attempts.

    — Daniel McNeece, Engineer, Brigham Young University
  • Reducing unauthorized access to company systems is a critical concern that we’re addressing with Duo’s two-factor solution.

    — Bob Riddle, IT Specialist, The University of Michigan