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Securing the Modern Enterprise: A Guide to Duo for Enterprise Companies

In this guide, you’ll get:

  • An overview of how Duo helps modern enterprises with their security challenges
  • The benefits of Duo’s Trusted Access platform to ensure the trust of users and devices for every application
  • How Duo offers a scalable, future-proofed solution that can reduce risks for your enterprise organization

As the modern enterprise workforce evolves, so must the security technologies that support them. Traditional security models are far too rigid and painful for end users - Duo has replaced them with flexible, easy-to-use security that focuses on user experience.

To help enterprises stay ahead, Duo helps reduce enterprise security risks associated with user and device access by providing seamless accessibility based on trust - known as our Trusted Access platform.

This document will highlight how you can leverage Duo’s Trusted Access platform to enable and secure your business for the future.

Preview the eBook
  • Cover of Securing the Modern Enterprise: A Guide to Duo for Enterprise Companies
  • Interior page spread with the heading Executive Overview and subheading A Brief History.
  • Pages with sections Risk Reduction cont., Mitigating Risks with Two-Factor Authentication, Scalability and Speed to Security.