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Press Release
September 13th, 2016

Duo Security Helps Protect Healthcare Organizations from Ransomware Attacks in a Single Step

Certification Organization EPCS Compliance for Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Security, a cloud-based Trusted Access provider protecting the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies, today announces new research on nearly 250,000 mobile devices, PCs, and Macs in the healthcare sector. Half of those devices were running out of date versions of Flash, which are susceptible to vulnerabilities and malware like the Cerber or Locky ransomware strains.

With Duo, healthcare organizations protect themselves from risk of ransomware in a single step. Duo provides IT administrators with visibility into all out-of-date devices used to access patient information in on-premises or cloud applications, such as Epic, Citrix, Outlook Web Access, and Office 365. Administrators can then use this information to prevent out-of-date devices from gaining access to those applications, significantly reducing the attack vector.

Duo protects access to both legacy and modern, cloud applications used to store patient data, reducing the threat of ransomware. Attackers target doctors’ and other healthcare workers’ out-of-date devices to install malware that encrypts patient information. Attackers use ransomware to encrypt patient information and demand financial payments to hand that data back over to healthcare organizations.

In other news, Drummond Group LLC, approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration for certifying EPCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances) approved certification organization, has confirmed that Duo is able to help institutional practitioners meet EPCS two-factor authentication compliance requirements. As more and more hospitals move their prescription process to electronic platforms, new DEA EPCS guidelines were created to best secure access to those electronic prescription applications and help reduce fraud and error in prescription medications.

About Duo Security
Duo Security is a cloud-based trusted access provider protecting the world’s fastest-growing companies and thousands of organizations worldwide, including Dresser-Rand Group, Etsy, Facebook, K-Swiss, Paramount Pictures, Random House, SuddenLink, Toyota, Twitter, Yelp, Zillow, and more. Duo Security’s innovative and easy-to-use technology can be quickly deployed to protect users, data, and applications from breaches, credential theft and account takeover. Duo Security is backed by Benchmark, Google Ventures, Radar Partners, Redpoint Ventures and True Ventures. Try it for free at

About Drummond Group LLC Drummond Group is a global software testing lab and certification body founded in 1999. Please visit Drummond Group's website for more information.

Sally Feller
PR Manager
Duo Security