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Your Fastest Path to Data Security Begins with Duo Quick Start

Get 60 days of expert advice from our trusted deployment advisors and leave the stress of getting started behind!

Connect with Duo Quick Start

A Duo customer chats with an expert deployment advisor as they plan for data security on-premises and in the cloud.

What's Duo Quick Start?

Our customers love how easy Duo Security’s solutions are to deploy — and Duo Quick Start makes it even more painless with a 60-day deployment program to get you up and running seamlessly. We’ll accelerate your Duo deployment with advisement from a Duo Customer Solution Engineer (CSE) and Duo Customer Success Manager (CSM), with a project plan focused on your users’ needs.

Download the Quick Start Brief

A chief information security officer (CISO) and Duo deployment expert discuss timelines for deployment.

Should I Get Duo Quick Start or Duo Care?

Duo Quick Start and our Duo Care premium support services both offer amazing customer guidance — but which one is right for you right now?

A small business in a two-story brick building, which could benefit from. Duo Quick Start.

Why to Choose Duo Quick Start

Duo Quick Start is a great fit for businesses that are new to Duo and are ready to focus on deployment on a small to moderate scale.

Quick Start works best if your business: 

  • Is small- or medium-sized 

  • Seeks to protect 1 to 3 applications 

  • Has a user population under 1,500 

  • Plans to deploy the Duo Essentials and/or Duo Advantage features, including MFA and Duo Push, device trust, adaptive authentication and single sign-on (SSO) 

  • Has a start-to-finish deployment timeline of under 60 days 

A big business in a towering skyscraper, which might be a great fit for Duo Care.

Why to Choose Duo Care

Duo Care offers premium support for customers looking for a longer-term trusted advisor or phased deployments over a timeline beyond 60 days.

Duo Care is also the right choice if your business: 

  • Is large 

  • Seeks to protect more than 3 applications 

  • Has a user population over 1,500 

  • Has complex IT environments and large, diverse user populations 

  • Needs extended support hours and access to a VIP support line 

What's Included in Duo Quick Start?

A coach looks at you encouragingly, representing the Duo Quick Start advisors who will help you succeed.

Trusted Advisors for Faster Deployments

Duo Quick Start provides a team of trusted advisors equipped with best practices and resources to help you deploy faster.  

A hand writes out a football play, representing the comprehensive strategy behind Duo Quick Start.

A Strategy for Success

Your CSE and CSM will consult with you remotely to plan a high-level architecture design that aligns with your needs and will advise on a strategy for implementation, application configuration, security policy and user enrollment. 

A cool dog skateboards toward speedy deployment with Duo Quick Start.

On the FastTrack 

Honed over hundreds of successful customer deployments, our innovative FastTrack project planning guide will help ensure your deployment goes smoothly. Want to use your own project planning tool? No problem — we can support that too! 

A parent supports their child as they balance with arms out, representing all the support Duo Quick Start offers.

The Support You Need

Every Duo Quick Start customer also receives: 

  • A virtual kickoff meeting and 100% virtual engagement 

  • Technical implementation working sessions, including troubleshooting and root cause analysis 

  • Strategy and planning for user enrollment, application rollout, security policy, technical configuration and overall success 

  • A project retrospective meeting 

  • And more! 

How Can Quick Start Help Me?

Speed to Security

In less than two months, the Duo Quick Start team can help you prepare to get up to three applications and 1,500 users protected with effective data security solutions. 

Eliminating Roadblocks

The Duo Quick Start team is invested in your deployment success, helping you avoid common missteps in end user enrollment, application protection and more during rollout. 

Satisfied Users

Your team of deployment experts will ensure you have everything you need to painlessly enroll and educate your users. 

Get Duo Quick Start Now.

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