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Duo Announces UK & India Data Centers to Support Data Localization Requirements and International Expansion

Since 2017, the number of data localization measures in force globally has more than doubled. A report put together by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) shows that while in 2017 35 countries had implemented 67 data localization barriers, by mid 2021, 62 countries had imposed similar restrictions.

Is this a big deal to the majority of organizations/companies? In a word, yes. Data localization imposes obligations on firms to store and process data locally rather than in servers located overseas. This leads to a significant bump in the operational cost. How significant? Massive. At least according to 88% of over 4900 security professionals across 27 countries that were surveyed for the recently released Cisco 2022 Data Privacy Benchmark Study.

In response to these trends, Duo is thrilled to announce the launch of the two new data centers in the UK and India. Supporting our customers’ data localization needs, this new launch expands our existing presence in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

Both the new and existing data centers will provide Duo’s customers with a choice over service delivery locations and allow organizations to meet all local requirements, all while maintaining ISO27001 and SOC2 compliance and 99.999% service availability goal.

International Expansion

The launch of the new data centers is the backbone of Duo's international expansion strategy. It provides customers, particularly those in highly regulated industries such as public sector and financial services, with more choice over service delivery locations and by doing so enables Duo to grow internationally.

In the last two years, Duo has met key international growth milestones and completed the C5 attestation (Germany), AgID certification (Italy) and IRAP assessment (Australia) all of which demonstrate that Duo meets the mandatory baseline standards for use by the public sector in countries listed above.

Solution Availability

Duo recognizes the investment that organizations make to help protect sensitive information and hopes to remove some of that burden, all while making security accessible. All Duo features, including multi-factor authentication, single-sign-on, remote access, passwordless (in public preview) and device trust policies will be available via Duo MFA, Access and Beyond editions to help customers develop and execute a holistic secure access strategy.

The Importance of Teamwork

Establishing international data centers is no small job, and it took many cross-functional teams, across Duo and Cisco, to make this deployment a reality. This is an exciting step for Duo and our customers. We take our job as a trusted partner seriously, working together to keep organizations’ data secure.

To learn more about Duo’s privacy policies, see the Cisco Trust Portal for additional resources.