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Duo Security Provides Two-Factor Authentication for UK-Based Software Company

Softwire As a custom software development and consulting service provider, UK-based Softwire supports large enterprise clients such as BBC, Lonely Planet, McAfee, Verizon and Microsoft, in addition to startups. Softwire develops, supports, tests and QAs software for their clients, meaning they needed to work with other vendors and security solutions of their clients.

One security solution that prospective clients either required or strongly preferred was two-factor authentication - as a software vendor, Softwire needed to deploy the solution to protect their proprietary business data and secure new business.

They researched token-based two-factor solutions, but discovered they were too expensive and ‘a bit old-school.’ It’s true that server and token-based authentication solutions often require many upfront and recurring costs that drive up the total cost of ownership (TCO), including:

  • The upfront costs of tokens, software and support, including server purchasing and maintenance costs
  • Administration and deployment costs, including setup, professional services, account creation and token distribution and token synchronization costs
  • Associated maintenance and support costs, including customer technical support, software updates and token warranties
  • In the case of lost or stolen tokens, as well as yearly security updates - token replacement costs

With Duo Security’s cloud-based two-factor solution, a lot of those costs are completely eliminated. For example, there’s no upfront cost for acquiring tokens (if you use our smartphone-based authentication options) nor replacement token/synchronization costs. There’s also no server hardware or maintenance costs, as the solution is hosted in the cloud and managed by third-party service providers.

All you need is to sign up for Duo Security and quickly integrate with your services. Then provision your users (fast self-enrollment, batch enrollment or Active Directory Synchronization). That’s it - no hardware or software to install. Users can sign up and manage their own devices with a self-service portal, cutting down on help desk time.

Phil Marsden, Softwire owner, chose Duo’s two-factor solution for the variety of authentication methods and the “remember this device” option, as he wanted a secure solution that was also as unobtrusive and simple as possible.

With Duo’s Trusted Devices & Networks feature, organizations can customize which devices and networks can be considered trusted, allowing users to log in without going through the two-factor process each time.

Read the Softwire Success Story for more on how Duo Security provides the ideal two-factor authentication solution for a software development company. Or, check out our other customer stories to find out how we protect higher education institutions, major social media networks, e-commerce retailers, hospitals, software as a service (SaaS) companies and more.