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IT Cyber Hygiene: Why It’s Important, and Duo’s Role in Securing Everyday Access

In today’s environment, you cannot go too long without learning about the latest company breach, social media hack, or vulnerability compromise.  What likely ensues in the fallout are mass compromised user credentials, negative brand impact and significant financial consequences. The pervasive nature of these events has become almost commonplace, like talking about the weather. But it doesn’t have to be, or they can at least be minimized. Cyber hygiene – or cybersecurity hygiene – can help organizations secure their most critical data and mitigate security compromise. 

What is cyber hygiene?

Cybersecurity hygiene is a set of habitual practices for ensuring the safe handling of critical data and for securing networks. To maintain high-level safeguards against bad actors, organizations and individuals must perform these practices regularly to maintain the health and security of users, devices, networks, and data.

5 Cybersecurity Best Practices for securing your enterprise network. 1) Identify critical and sensitive data on your network 2) Limit who can access what types of information 3) Implement security configuration settings 4) Regularly patch or update apps, software, devices and OS 5) Train employees on phishing and spear-phishing

 Cybersecurity best practices include:

  • Awareness of what is on your network; identify critical and sensitive data

  • Access control; limit or control who can access what types of information and privilege access control

  • Implement security configuration settings

  • Patch/update applications, software, devices, and operating systems (OS) on a routine, scheduled basis

  • Train awareness of phishing and spear-fishing campaigns

How can Duo Care help?

Duo Care takes a holistic approach of incorporating elements of foundational security best practices, with Duo’s zero-trust security journey.

A dedicated Duo Care team helps to:

  1. Validate user identities – Ensure users are who they say they are at every access attempt, then regularly reaffirm their trustworthiness

  2. Establish device trust – See every device used to access your applications and continuously verify both device health and security posture

  3. Set adaptive policies – Assign granular and contextual access policies, limiting exposure of your information to as few users and devices as possible

  4. Secure access for every user – Provide appropriate permissions for every user accessing any application, any time, and from anywhere

  5. Secure access for every application – Reduce the risk of credential theft by enabling users to securely access their applications with a single username and password

Incorporating security best practices with a focus on cybersecurity hygiene and the support of a dedicated Duo Care Team provides the following advantages:

Implementation of cybersecurity best practices

This promotes improved cybersecurity posture for the workforce and workplace, while simultaneously mitigating data breaches and other security incidents. Securing sensitive data in a secure manner also protects it from either theft or attacks.

Faster deployment

A team of trusted advisors equipped with knowledge of best practices and resources help you deploy cybersecurity solutions across your enterprise faster.

Higher ROI

With the built-in expertise of a Duo Care team in navigating diverse and complex IT environments, organizations can maximize feature adoption and overcome challenges with speed and precision. Combined with the extended support hours, you’ll maximize your investment in Duo.

Instant access to experts

Change happens. IT infrastructures evolve. Duo Care addresses your needs as they change. Alternatively, you can engage your Duo Care team at any time or get guidance on changes that impact your existing Duo deployment.

VIP service

With Duo Care, you will be partnered with a team of experts, receive enhanced support hours, dedicated support lines, improved SLAs, early access to new features, and priority access to Duo events.

It’s time to start practicing cyber hygiene

While cyber threats are always evolving, deploying comprehensive security practices based upon sound cybersecurity hygiene – coupled with Duo Care support – helps mitigate risk, increases trust and drives improved security posture for your organization.

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