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Moving from SecurID to Duo: A Customer’s Journey

In a previous blog post, we highlighted why customers are replacing RSA with Duo Security. We discussed how companies are leveraging Duo’s modern security solution to help them solve fundamental security challenges around access management. Additionally, we discussed other major drivers that propelled these companies to migrate from RSA, which included improved end user experience, easy and intuitive administration, and affordability.

If you are still determining if migrating from a legacy provider is the right direction for your organization, check out our ebooks. Our customers have found our Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation Guide and The Essential Guide To Securing Remote Access helpful in making an informed decision.

The Evolution of MFA

The modern workforce demands more flexibility and convenience. Their expectations on how enterprise security applications should function have changed based on the user experience they enjoy with consumer applications like Facebook. In their minds, ease of use and security should no longer be at odds.

We agree - that’s why we’re focused on ensuring security is simple for everyone. In our opinion, simplicity leads to security effectiveness across an organization. One of our core product design philosophies is creating an exceptional user experience for every user, regardless of their technical prowess. This ensures seamless and secure access to applications, systems and data with limited circumvention of security controls.

Another sign of the modernization and evolution of MFA was the updated NIST 800-63-3 Digital Identity Guidelines, which allows companies to leverage new forms of authenticators, such as Duo Push, as opposed to previous guidelines that recommended tokens. You can read more around these new changes here.

Ready for a Change

We understand that replacing a legacy provider can be a difficult journey. You have history and integrations. You thought things would change and get better; heck, they promised you that they would. Unfortunately, too many promises have been made with little-to-no delivery. You’ve come to the realization that the way it is, doesn’t need to continue. You are ready for a change.

Duo has assisted countless customers through migration from legacy providers. This migration has helped them advance their security programs while future-proofing their security technologies.

Our vision is to provide you a scalable security technology platform that aligns with your company’s long-term security strategy for access management.

3… 2… 1… Liftoff!

We have leveraged our experience with these customers and developed a comprehensive Liftoff Guide to ensure success during a migration. This guide consists of the following helpful components:

  • Success Planning: We take time to understand your environment, develop the proper solution architecture and decide which deployment method best meets your needs.
  • Application Configuration and Testing: We provide easy-to-search configuration documentation and best practice guides that help you get up and running quickly and independently.
  • End User Communication: We provide user-friendly email templates and resources to enable full transparency of the migration to your user population. It is one of the first steps toward showing your users just how easy being secure really is.
  • Help Desk Training: With change, your user population may have questions. Duo prides itself on being extremely user-friendly; however, in the event that you need additional help, we arm your support team with a “handy help desk guide.
  • Duo Go-Live: With those four simple steps, you are ready to make the change.

Duo Customer Journey

Want to learn more about how we can make you successful in your migration? Check out our Liftoff Guide.

Happy Customers

Duo is dedicated to making you successful. Here are a couple of testimonials from some of the customers we have helped migrate from legacy two-factor authentication providers.

“The transition from RSA tokens to Duo was seamless. Users love the solution. They find it easy to use and reliable; resulting in one less headache for IT.”

-- Ely Garcia, CTO, Cisneros Group of Companies

“The migration to Duo was seamless. Users new to MFA found the solution easy to use and understand. Individuals using our existing MFA, or who used different MFA providers at other institutions, were impressed with Duo’s intuitive functionality and have been very pleased with the transition.”

-- Chad Spiers, Director of Information Security, Sentara Healthcare

Making the Switch

Interested in getting additional insights about how Duo has helped hundreds of businesses make the switch from legacy two-factor authentication and access control solutions to our services? Join us at our upcoming Moving from RSA SecurID to Duo Security: A Customer’s Journey webinar on January 25, 2018 at 12:00pm EST | 9:00am PST.