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New! Duo Labs Security Report on Passwordless, Biometrics and Sensors
Duo Labs

New! Duo Labs Security Report on Passwordless, Biometrics and Sensors

As we start seeing passwordless login flows in Windows, Google, and even LastPass, it’s time to take a deeper look into biometrics and the new threat landscape they’ll bring. We’re big fans of passwordless authentication, both because scanning a fingerprint or imaging a face is faster and easier than typing a password and also because biometrics in conjunction with security keys can entirely eliminate phishing, credential stuffing, and other password attacks.

However, the biometric landscape is muddied by bad implementations and few sources of meaningful hard data. There are excellent biometric systems in use today, but there are also terrible implementations that are horrendously insecure.

Learn more in this exciting new report The Good and Bad of Biometrics to find out whether logging in by scanning your face is really as (in)secure as you think it is.