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NEW REPORT: Customer Chronicles: Securing State and Local Government Agencies with Strong MFA

State and local government agencies’ networks and systems contain mountains of sensitive citizen data - from financial info to social security numbers to voter registrations. This puts them in a unique position and makes them an attractive target for potential attackers. Police and health departments, city and county offices and other agencies all operate a little differently, but one thread that connects them is the need to protect their citizens and their data.

And they must do this while working to modernize their cyber security and IT environments and meet compliance, and find security solutions that work with legacy systems, stay within their budget and can be deployed quickly. 

At Duo we believe security should be simple and powerful as well as easy to use and install. We built Duo’s MFA (multi-factor authentication) to solve these problems. 

Security Use Cases of State and Local Government Agencies Adopting MFA

We gathered into one easy to read report several real life stories of how state and local government agencies overcame their security challenges and how they were able to quickly and affordably modernize their security through MFA. 

In this report you will learn:

  • The unique cybersecurity standards that state and local government agencies must meet and how they stay compliant

  • What common security challenges state and local governments face and how they have lowered costs and reduced risk 

  • Real security use cases from a consolidated city-county, a department of health, a major city and a police department

  • How departments with a limited budget can increase the security of their systems and devices through zero trust

  • Successful outcomes that integrate software agnostic seamless solutions with strong protection for both cloud and on-premises applications

  • How some state and local government agencies are using MFA to secure to the threat landscape 

Download the report, "Customer Chronicles: Securing State and Local Government Agencies with Strong MFA," now and see how your state or local government agency can modernize their cyber protection with minimal investment.