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Product & Engineering

Self-Service Portal Update and New Device Management Portal

Last December, we began rolling out our updated Authentication Prompt for all of Duo's customers. Our North Star was making authentication simple for end users with clear buttons and improving the workflows for adding new devices.

Usability Updates: My Settings & Devices

Unfortunately there’s one piece of the Authentication Prompt where we felt we could do much better: My Settings & Devices.

This screen is accessed at two points:

  1. When users finish enrolling, they end up on this page.
  2. When users are trying to reactivate, rename, or delete a device; and to select default devices for auto-push.

Then we realized: Why are we making users scroll down in order to hit Done to exit the page?

What we discovered in user testing is that users were concluding enrollment, but not discovering how to exit this page. Ultimately, users would refresh the page and get back to work, but we don’t think that’s good enough.

Duo Auth Prompt - Scroll Issues Note: The highlighted region shows what the user initially sees, the greyed out area is only accessed by scrolling.

In the same user testing, we confirmed that users were successfully using this page to manage devices, so we didn’t need to change functionality on this page. Instead, we thought we could slightly reorient this page and make every action accessible for end users, including exiting this page.

Below is the updated My Settings & Devices. As you can see, Device Options have been moved up to the top. The reason is that we found a vast majority of our users only used a single authentication device, so the Default Device controls can be made less prominent. The Default Device settings have been cleaned up with less text and dropdowns for settings.

Duo Auth Prompt - Add Another Device

And finally, we’ve added a Continue to Login button, so users know exactly how to exit this page and get back to work.

Add Another Device - It’s Back!

We also received some feedback from some of you that you missed the ability to add a second device during initial enrollment. So we’ve returned the “Add another device” option to this page for those you that like the flexibility of backup devices.

Duo Auth Prompt - Add Another Device - Saved

Duo Auth Prompt - Saved Preferences

While these are some minor refinements to the authentication prompt, we want to be mindful of any user-facing updates. We’ll be rolling these changes out through the month of August.

New Tool: Device Management Portal

In addition to these updates, we heard from many of you that you’re looking to maintain a single portal for users to manage their devices instead of enabling self-service within the Authentication Prompt.

We are happy to announce that we will be releasing a new integration type designed to help your users manage their devices. We are naming it the Device Management Portal.

Duo Device Management Portal

You may notice that it looks just like the Authentication Prompt. What we’ve done is that when users authenticate, we will drop them straight into the Self-Service page, so they can update the smartphone or mobile device they use for Duo’s two-factor authentication service.

The Device Management Portal will be rolling out through the month of August as well to coincide the the updates to the Self-Service Portal.