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Teach People to Lock Their Workstations Right Meow


  • Prevent Cat-aclysmic Breach with Security Awareness Training
  • Stop Indi-cat-ors of Compro-mice in Their Tracks with Security Awareness
  • Security Awareness Gives Employees Paws Before Leaving Workstations Unlocked

Did you remember to log off your terminalIt’s a question almost as old the password itself: “What should I do if someone leaves their computer unlocked? Should I ‘get them’?” Well sure, you could change their wallpaper or download some joke software, you could even install crypto-ransomware that deposits their ransom into your top secret bitcoin wallet. But why stop there? You could check to see if they’re still signed into their bank account and transfer all of their money to your unnamed overseas bank account. That’ll teach ‘em a lesson, right? Wait, what was that lesson again?

Meow, I don’t recommend using someone’s computer without their permission. Even just changing their wallpaper could be a felony, not to mention it’s totally uncool. But seriously, it’s much easier to implement a corporate security program when you and the company are on the same side. For years, IT Security has been seen as the bad guys, the team that stops work from getting done, the fun-governors. “Getting” your co-workers is a good way to establish the company-security relationship as an adversarial one.

Duo-SLURPINWe want to make sure that the entire company locks their workstation everytime they step away, and it’s important to build that habit into muscle memory. But slip-ups are inevitable, and when they forget, it’s important to remind them in a non-confrontational way. That’s why we invented the Duo-SLURPIN: Duo Security Laptop’s Unlocked Reminder Post-It Note. If you see an unlocked workstation, just slap one of these on the keyboard and walk away. It’s just that easy: no jail time for you, no embarrassment for them, only a gentle reminder to a co-worker to lock their workstation when they step away.

And, due to popular demand, we have released the “co-branded Duo-SLURPIN template for your company.” Download this template, throw your logo in the top left, and then order on vistaprint.