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Duo Internships

From technical to people-focused positions, Duo’s internship program offers a variety of roles. Teams like engineering, product design, product management, marketing, security and people operations are actively looking to place interns this year. 

Duo’s internship program is fully remote and flexible, so we encourage students from across the U.S. to apply. Wherever your skills fit, Duo has an opportunity waiting for you! 

An intern posing in a Duo T-shirt and two interns working at a laptop

Why Intern at Duo?

Duo interns work on front-line projects that make real contributions to Duo’s organization. In addition to on-the-job experience, Duo’s internship program provides a multitude of growth opportunities, like our intern interview training workshop. We cater each internship experience to the career interests of our interns so they benefit from their time with us. Duo believes in the future leaders of the world and sees the importance of investing in our interns' growth! 

Cisco + Duo show how much we value our interns by offering competitive market (hourly) rates, as well as generous relocation assistance, health and medical benefits, paid holidays, accrued sick pay and Time to Give volunteering hours. However, the best perk is the opportunity to work hands-on with a team and tackle real projects for the summer.

What Makes Duo's Internship Program Different from Others?

At Duo, interns won’t make coffee runs or work on projects that don’t scale or are in a silo. Duo interns work on projects that have a meaningful impact on the business. In fact, we’ve had intern projects that are being used by customers today! At the end of the summer, we give interns the chance to share what they’ve learned with the business during our end of summer project presentations.

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We value learning together. In addition to meaningful project work, interns also have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders across Cisco + Duo. Our team takes pride in creating an environment where interns are encouraged to take risks, ask questions, and try new things. Our program encourages interns to work closely with their teams, attend meetings and share ideas! 

What’s work without a little fun? Aside from project work, we also plan a series of activities throughout the summer, including our intern week celebration at the end of July. Over the past couple of years, we’ve facilitated virtual activities such as trivia, capture the flag and a coffee chat with our founders! In addition to intern-specific activities, Duo facilitates remote-friendly, company-wide events and has a coffee roulette Slack channel where anyone who joins is paired with someone new across the organization. And also, all the swag. 

The internship program:

  • Enables interns to make meaningful contributions to the organization 

  • Empowers interns with new skills to help advance their career

  • Provides a positive learning experience 

  • Aims to extend return offers (as a full-time employee or a returning intern) to exceptional interns who make positive impact to the company and their teams

Don’t just take our word for it. Get an inside perspective from Duo interns in our blog.

Positions Closed for Summer 2022

We've selected the upcoming cohort of interns — check back in the fall for open positions!