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Duo Missions

We’re here to connect you with the best security experts! To show our appreciation for the great things you do, we’re thrilled to invite you to Duo Missions, our new advocate hub designed exclusively for our valued customers. You can earn rewards simply by sharing your feedback, telling others about us, or even sharing your favorite GIFs.

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Why should you be part of Duo Missions?

  • Earn some amazing Duo swag just by participating
  • Connect and network with like-minded experts in your field
  • Gain firsthand updates to our latest news, and exclusive access to Duo events
  • Get a direct line of communication with the Duo team, so we can serve you even better
  • Enhance your learning and development with our super support resources and best practices
  • Make your voice heard as a guest blogger or speaker

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You'll be up and running faster than you can say "two-factor authentication."

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