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Effective October 28, 2019 Duo Security will be transitioning to Cisco's Privacy Statement. View the Duo Privacy Data Sheet.

Duo + Sophos

Sophos provides simple and reliable security tools to protect every endpoint in the network, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices. Because of their focus on simplicity, Sophos products are used by more than 100 million people and 100,000 business everyday. At Duo, we have a similar philosophy on keeping security simple and effective. That’s why we believe our partnership with Sophos is so powerful, we have a joint mission to simplify and democratize security in an age where IT is increasingly complex. Visit

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Protecting Sophos VPN Access

Sophos UTM provides a powerful all-in-one solution for network, web, and email security. The Sophos UTM is integrated with Duo to provide strong user authentication before allowing VPN access. Now, you can easily deploy strong authentication for remote access across your network without needing to update your applications and services, reducing risk for data breaches and meeting compliance requirements. Duo integrates with Sophos VPN using the Duo Authentication Proxy.

Duo Authentication Proxy with Sophos UTM

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Simple and Secure BYOD

Duo’s integration with Sophos Mobile provides customers the flexibility to set BYOD access policies based on device trust and the sensitivity of the application being accessed. For example, security administrators can enforce that only devices managed by Sophos Mobile can access applications that contain sensitive customer data, like

Trusted Endpoints for Sophos Mobile

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