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Cisco Duo + Amazon Web Services

Designed to simplify zero trust architecture, Cisco Duo integrates with AWS to ensure strong security with high productivity by establishing user and device trust at the time of access. With Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), passwordless, and risk-based authentication, AWS customers can enable secure access from anywhere, on any device.

Amazon Web Services logo.
Icon of a check mark in a circle representing users have successfully authenticated.

Authenticate users

Provide secure access to cloud resources with an added layer of protection using multi-factor authentication.

Icon of four small, hollow squares arranged in a square formation representing users are enabled access.

Enable access

Minimize password fatigue with added security for a frictionless Duo single sign-on (SSO) and passwordless experience.

Icon of computer screen with a mobile device overlapping representing that devices have been verified.

Verify devices

Define, manage, and monitor device security posture to ensure only verified devices have access to AWS apps and services.

Authenticate users

The cloud offers many advantages, but it also presents a wider attack surface.

With Duo MFA, using the Quick Start guide, customers can easily protect access to AWS Directory Services in 10 min or less. 

Level up your cloud security

Safeguard against unauthorized access with adaptive controls and changing context.

Make authentication user-friendly

Easily and quickly verify user identity using the Duo Mobile app from anywhere, at anytime.

Empower admins with granular controls

With Duo’s admin dashboard, create and manage security policies at the app or group level.

lock unlock icon. Woman smiling while using mobile device. AWS logo, 'Are you logging in to AWSIAM Identity Center?' red x deny button with green check accept button. With a green square that contains a white circle with a white check mark inside.

Compatible AWS integrations with Duo include:

Enable access

Multiple passwords for numerous AWS applications pose risks such as password reuse, weak passwords, and increased burden on IT and security teams.

With Duo SSO, users can authenticate once and get access to AWS apps using SAML and OIDC.

Streamline the login experience

Authenticate user identity using passwordless methods and minimize friction due to repeated logins.

Leverage smart security

Automatically step-up authentication requirements when Duo’s risk-based authentication detects commonly known attack patterns and high-risk anomalies.

Equip admins with central access management

Get complete visibility of user authentications with the admin dashboard’s reporting and auditing tools.

Image of the screen users see when receiving a Duo Push notification along with a checkmark indicating a successful authentication.

Compatible AWS integrations with Duo include:

Verify devices

In hybrid work environments, organizations allow managed and unmanaged devices to access AWS Workspaces, making it challenging to ensure access to only trusted devices.

Duo Desktop ensures that only trusted devices can access AWS Workspaces.

Check device security posture

Enforce device security policy to grant access to managed devices. Block access from devices that don’t meet security requirements.

Self-remediate devices that are out of compliance

Users can update out-of-date devices without the need to open a ticket with IT.

More visibility, more control for admins

Admins get complete visibility to manage devices accessing applications and identify potential risk issues from the admin dashboard.

A person smiling and looking at successful authentications on his tablet.

Compatible AWS integrations with Duo include:

  • Duo Desktop for AWS Workspace (private preview)

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