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Duo + Exabeam

Exabeam, provider of next-gen SIEM solutions, and Duo have partnered to accelerate organizations’ threat detection and response. Combining Exabeam's and Duo's solutions helps security analysts proactively block threats before they become critical and also helps automate the investigation process. Visit

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Duo Security and Exabeam Partner to Expedite User-Based Threat Detection and Response
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Duo Partners With Exabeam to Expand Zero-Trust Ecosystem
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Advanced Security Detection and Response for Identity
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Accelerate Security Analytics and Response for Identity-Based Threats

The integrated solution combines Duo’s authentication and device logs with Exabeam’s Security Management Platform. Exabeam admins can use the out-of-the-box integration to respond to an identity-based threat by invoking two-factor authentication to verify a user’s identity or block access, or by suspending user account. This enables SecOps teams to respond in real time to security alerts, thereby preventing or containing breaches.

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