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Cisco Duo + Splunk

Splunk provides a platform to easily get insights into all the machine data and make sense of it. Duo and Splunk have partnered to add user and device context from Duo into Splunk to provide a holistic view of the security posture and reduce security risks for our joint customers. Visit

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Enrich Your Data

Splunk Enterprise monitors and analyzes machine data from any source to deliver Operational Intelligence to optimize IT, security and business performance. The Duo connector for Splunk feeds user authentication and device telemetry into Splunk to enrich security event data and to make it easier and faster to investigate suspicious events.

Securing Splunk

Splunk is a critical security apparatus for enterprises and securing admin access to it is essential for maintaining integrity of the security infrastructure. Duo is integrated with Splunk Enterprise to provide strong user authentication and device security checks to ensure access to Splunk is not compromised.

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