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Duo Access Gateway (DAG)

Secure Cloud Access

Give users a seamless experience without compromising on security, and secure access to cloud apps while supporting a wide range of Identity Providers (IdPs).

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Duo Access Gateway (DAG)

Duo Access Gateway (DAG) secures access to cloud applications by using existing user directory credentials, such as Microsoft Active Directory or Google Apps accounts.

DAG supports the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 authentication standard, providing SAML connectors for enterprise apps like Google Apps, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Box, Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365.

Your identity provider (IdPs) handles primary authentication, and Duo provides secondary authentication. Duo supports a variety of IdPs, including Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Google OIDC, Azure OIDC and SAML IdPs.

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify the login process by letting your users log in only once in order to access all of their cloud applications. Duo’s Single Sign-On (SSO) gives you more control - letting you make custom, stricter access policies per cloud app, based on the type of user and device logging in.

Duo’s SSO feature checks the security health of your endpoints every single time they access your cloud apps - without an agent.

Trusted Access

Duo's Trusted Access ensures only Trusted Users and Trusted Devices can access protected applications.

This complete security solution prevents modern attackers that often target multiple areas - including credential theft and the exploitation of known software vulnerabilities affecting outdated software versions.

  • “Duo gives us confidence that access to our cloud-based systems is controlled, locked-down, and verifiable.”

    — David Root, Senior Executive, Root Logistics
  • “Using Duo has added a seamless and consistent user experience for all of our SAML SSO cloud apps and our Pulse VPN.”

    — Danny Floyd, Head of Information Security, LSQ Funding Group

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