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Simple, Secure Access

Duo’s secure SSO provides users with a single dashboard to access all web-based on-premises and cloud applications. Set strong access controls for each application to reduce your risk of a data breach and to meet compliance requirements.

Access Protected Applications

For employees that use multiple cloud or web-based applications for work, logging into each individual site can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

Simplify their lives by giving them a web portal they can log into just once to access multiple applications.

Unlike other single sign-on (SSO) solutions, Duo offers secure cloud access by checking a user’s identity and device health every time they access your applications.

Contextual Access Controls

Lower your risk of a data breach with policies and controls that allows administrators to set and enforce custom security policies for each application based on user and device security hygiene.

For example, you can prevent devices running out-of-date browsers from accessing Salesforce or Outlook 365, but give them access to less sensitive applications, like Cisco Webex or Bluejeans.

Duo also checks your users’ endpoints every time they access applications, without using an agent. Reduce security risks by setting a policy to prompt users to update or restrict access based on out-of-date operating systems, browsers, Flash or Java.

Duo Access Gateway

Duo Access Gateway enables you to integrate Duo’s two-factor authentication to any SAML-enabled cloud application such as Salesforce, Google, Box and Dropbox.

Admins can easily deploy Duo Access Gateway in a Windows or Linux environment. A Docker container makes deployment fast and simple for Linux environments. Plus, you can consolidate and connect to any identity source of your choice, including Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, SAML IdP and OpenLDAP.

Duo Network Gateway

Give your users access to internal web applications without using a virtual private network (VPN). Prevent third parties from accessing your corporate network and restrict what applications they can access.

By inspecting devices used by your contractors and third-party vendors before they access your internal web applications, you can ensure every device is trusted.

  • “Duo offered an easy installation of 2FA protection for our Terminal Service (TS) Gateway and Application Launcher for Enterprise SSO. We went from having no two factor at all to protecting almost all access with two factor and SSO in a very short period.”

    — Ari Perlstein, Chief Technology Officer, Compliance Discovery Solutions

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