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Anatomy of A Modern Phishing Attack

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What is social engineering? What is spear-phishing?
  • What happened when a popular company was breached?
  • How can social engineering, targeted phishing and lateral movement lead to a security breach?
  • Authentication best practices to prevent sophisticated phishing attacks

Social Engineering, Targeted Phishing & Lateral Movement

Phishing, it has been around for over 20 years and it is still effective and dangerous. Over time, phishing has evolved to be more precise and deceptive than ever before. Phishing now consists of highly targeted sophisticated schemes that can take many forms, like voice calls and text messages, though the bulk is still achieved through email. With the influx of mobile devices and screen sizes, tricking users into divulging information that can compromise credentials with fake websites and messages is still easy low hanging fruit for hackers.

In this guide we dissect the anatomy of a phishing attack using a real life case study of a popular company that was breached through targeted phishing and how it could have been prevented.

Learn how trusted devices, zero trust, adaptive user policies and more can thwart phishing before it can happen.

Download Anatomy of A Modern Phishing Attack today and learn how to implement preemptive prescriptive cyber protection for your cloud and on-prem applications and network and say farewell to phishing threats.