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Busting Passwordless Myths

In this free, downloadable guide, we’ll investigate the following:

  • What’s more secure; multi-factor authentication (MFA) or passwordless?
  • What’s the difference between a personal identification number (PIN number) and a password?
  • Are biometrics more secure than passwords?
  • How secure really are biometrics?
  • Is passwordless vulnerable to phishing?

Busting Passwordless Myths with Duo Security

There are so many security products out there that many of us are left wondering: “So what is the safest way to login?” Then when we discuss eliminating passwords altogether, many are worried that passwordless authentication is a gimmick, and might be even less secure than other authentication methods. Fear not! In this guide, we’ll bust some passwordless myths to help you separate fact from fiction as passwordless authentication goes mainstream.