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How to go from MFA to Zero Trust

Increased connectivity coupled with the rise of remote and hybrid work are prompting organizations to evolve their user access security and make strides towards a zero trust future. This guide offers a five-phase approach for implementing zero trust security for trusted user and device access to applications.

Download the MFA to Zero Trust Guide

In this whitepaper, you will learn

  • A five-phase guide to securing trusted access
  • How to gain stakeholder consensus and support
  • Objectives and success metrics to meet and maintain
  • Recommended technologies for each phase
  • Challenges you’ll encounter and how to overcome them
  • Insight into continuing your zero trust journey

Who is this guide for?

  • Organizations that support hybrid or remote work
  • Enterprises that need to protect users and data
  • IT teams looking to optimize security operations
  • Businesses seeking MFA and zero trust compliance
  • CISOs looking to make strides in zero trust
  • How to go from MFA to Zero Trust ebook inside image