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Healthcare Shifts In Cybersecurity

Healthcare is the one of the most targeted industries for cyber attacks. Modernizing healthcare applications can be complicated. This eBook takes a look at the security challenges and trends facing healthcare and makes recommendations for keeping your healthcare workforce secure and productive. Duo Security can help healthcare organizations:

  • Adopt MFA technology to protect patient information and personal data
  • Embrace passwordless technology via tokens, biometrics and more
  • Manage and track e-prescriptions for controlled substances via EPCS integration
  • Use single sign-on (SSO) for a consistent, powerful, hassle-free login experience
  • Create security resilience to bounce back faster and plan based on risk
Preview the eBook
  • Review latest cybersecurity changes in healthcare in Duo's ebook
  • Inside view of Duo's ebook reviewing visibility into devices in healthcare cybersecurity
  • Download Duo Secure's ebook on recent shifts in healthcare cybersecurity