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How to Successfully Deploy Duo at Enterprise Scale

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Key considerations for rolling out Duo Security at enterprise scale
  • How some of our customers planned and executed a successful Duo rollout
  • The importance of user-centered planning and application scoping prior to deployment
  • How to develop an enterprise-scale rollout strategy
  • Ways to prepare your users for an upcoming security deployment
  • How to measure the success of your rollout

At Duo, we have helped thousands of companies enable secure access to applications and services from anywhere on any device. Enterprise deployments can be complex and nuanced. We have found that the most successful rollouts include some upfront analysis and planning. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming and usually pays off in a faster speed to security and lower support costs. This guide is based on our customers’ experiences with rolling out Duo at enterprise scale and is designed to help you plan and maximize the success of your security program.

In this guide, we walk through key considerations and offer tips on how to ensure a smooth and successful enterprise-scale deployment, including:

  • User-centered planning: Enterprises find success when they place users at the center of a rollout and consider where users are, how they work and determine their security needs
  • Application scoping: It’s helpful to map out the various applications in your environment, as well as the access provided, to minimize risk and maximize flexibility and accessibility
  • Rollout strategy: This requires planning how to roll out Duo to the organization, whether through a phased approach or a big bang
  • Communications: It’s imperative to communicate with your users in a clear and concise way about the upcoming Duo deployment, and to do so through various channels to ensure information reaches them where they’re most likely to see it
  • Training and support: Prepare your help desk for a potential increase in questions and plan to train users in a variety of ways, whether through virtual sessions, videos, in-person training and more
  • Measuring success: What do you plan to measure to determine whether your rollout was a success? Determine what matters most to your organization, such as ROI, percentage of applications protected, users enrolled, reduction in help desk tickets, etc.

Every organization is unique, and introducing new tools can be overwhelming. Download How to Successfully Deploy Duo at Enterprise Scale and learn the key considerations of an enterprise-scale rollout. Understanding and using these strategies can help make users happy, reduce support costs and, most importantly, ensure your enterprise is secure.

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