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Phishing: A Modern Guide to an Age-Old Problem

In this guide, you'll find::

  • Examples of phishing, what to look out for, and how modern phishing tactics have evolved
  • Tips for both admins and users on how to protect against phishing
  • The real-world impact of phishing - who is being targeted, who's clicking on what, and what data is being stolen
  • How to establish user and device trust to protect against the impact of phishing

Phishing is a low-effort, successful method for attackers seeking access to your organization’s data.

This guide gives you a detailed look into how phishing has evolved and the new tactics used to fool users, with statistics on the personas and industries phishers are targeting.

Get a breakdown of how phishing methods work - and how they can lead to data theft, malware infection and machine compromise with our easy-to-understand infographics.

Download the complete guide to get tips on how to protect against phishing and reestablish trust in your users and devices.

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  • Phishing ebook
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