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Relieving the Pain Points of Federal IT Modernization

This guide examines:

  • How the cloud and mobility are driving federal agencies and government organizations to modernize their IT infrastructure
  • Easing the pain of navigating complex compliance regulations
  • The power of device insight and how it can enable BYOD initiatives in federal agencies
  • Implementing modern security that plays nice with legacy gear, preserving existing IT investments
  • Overcoming the challenges of clunky PIV/CAC cards for authentication and application access
  • How a trusted access security solution is the cornerstone for zero trust in federal agencies
  • How democratized security helps secure democracy

Federal and government IT and security professionals face a unique challenge: they’re charged with modernizing aging systems to embrace cloud and mobility – yet they’re expected to do so with shoestring budgets, burdensome legacy systems and a buying process rife with fits and starts. It’s an uphill battle, for sure.

Navigating this shift is complicated further by the relentless attacks and threats aimed at government bodies. According to The Washington Business Journal, federal agencies reported 35,277 information security incidents to the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team in fiscal 2017, which is is up 14 percent from 30,899 reported the prior fiscal year. That breaks down to about 96.6 attacks per day.

To combat these attacks and to modernize and secure their IT infrastructures, agencies are starting to move toward a zero-trust security model.

But with all major shifts, it is not without its pain points. To truly modernize, federal agencies must:

  • Overcome the compliance confusion
  • Gain deep visibility into devices
  • Solve the PIV/CAC conundrum
  • Escape legacy limbo

In this ebook, we discuss four key pain points federal agencies encounter as part of their IT modernization initiatives and how they can find relief from them.

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