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Security Outcomes Study (Cisco Security)

In this survey report respondents answer some big questions, like::

  • Is there evidence that security practices actually do affect program-level outcomes?
  • If you want a strong security culture embraced by all, how do you achieve it?
  • Which function of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework contributes most to success?
  • Where are programs most successful? Where do they struggle the most?

Security Outcomes Study: A Look at What Works and What Doesn’t

Cisco contracted survey research firm, YouGov, to field a fully anonymous (source and respondent) survey that ran during the middle of 2020. We surveyed over 4,800 active IT, security, and privacy professionals from 25 countries.

The results of this study reveal valuable and actionable intel. Security is ever evolving to the point that success can sometimes feel elusive. So we set out to answer some questions in this study:

  • How can we efficiently and effectively manage our cybersecurity risk?
  • How is it that even the largest companies with the biggest security budgets still struggle to achieve certain outcomes?
  • With all the various options out there for achieving a successful cybersecurity program, which ones should practitioners focus on?

This study will provide you with an extra boost of insight and confidence to get focused for 2021 and beyond. Read on to find out which actions may work best for your organization.

Download the Cisco Security's Security Outcomes Study today and learn how the landscape has evolved and where to invest your time and resources for the most impact.

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