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The Essential Guide to Device Trust in the Enterprise

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • The challenges enterprises face in establishing device trust
  • Which security posture checks to perform on devices
  • The importance of implementing and enforcing consistent security policies across devices
  • How Duo Device Trust delivers critical capabilities to help organizations minimize their risk surface
  • Real-world stories from Duo customers about how they use Duo Device Trust

Thirty-three percent of companies surveyed in Verizon’s 2019 Mobile Security Index said they had experienced a device-based compromise, and the majority reported the impact was major.

Organizations of all sizes struggle to manage endpoints that need access to corporate applications and data. They often have limited visibility into their fleets of devices. Additionally, policy enforcement is complex and achieving regulatory compliance can be a headache.

Is a Device Trustworthy?

There are a few key security posture checks organizations should perform before granting access to determine whether devices are trustworthy:

  • Is the device managed?
  • Is the operating system (OS) version and the patch level up to date?
  • Is the enterprise antivirus (AV) agent installed and running?
  • Is the device infected with malware?
  • Is disk encryption turned on?
  • Does the device have a password set?
  • Is the mobile device rooted or jailbroken?

In this guide, you’ll learn about the challenges of establishing trust in the devices that are accessing corporate data and applications; considerations that need to be made to ensure only devices deemed trustworthy have access; and how Duo helps you improve device visibility, assess device security posture and enable continuous risk assessment.

Real-World Use Cases

You’ll also hear from five Duo customers about how they use device trust in their organizations to gain visibility, ensure secure access, enforce security policy, meet compliance and more.

Download The Essential Guide to Device Trust in the Enterprise now and learn how you grant access only to trusted devices.

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