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The Path to IT Modernization: Five Steps to Protecting Government Systems

This guide examines:

  • How cloud and mobile adoption are accelerating IT modernization in federal agencies
  • How stronger authentication controls and simplification of smart card access drive modernization efforts forward
  • How identifying at-risk devices and solutions like single-sign on (SSO) can improve security
  • How a trusted access framework is a key component in federal IT modernization initiatives

Federal agencies have been charged with modernizing their IT systems - a move that’s been accelerated by the widespread adoption of cloud and mobile technologies.

While it’s important to note that IT modernization within federal agencies is going to be a marathon and not a sprint, there are a number of key steps agencies can take today that will help them move away from legacy solutions and toward modern technologies.

In this ebook, we look into a five-step approach to federal IT modernization that will help agencies secure access to applications in cloud and mobile environments.