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Transforming Healthcare Information Security

In this white paper, you’ll find:

  • Reasons why healthcare security needs to change to meet business demands
  • Why a zero-trust model is relevant and a value-add to your organization
  • How to drive and enable business agility with a Duo Beyond security model

Is Your Patient Data Secure?

Keeping up with the fast-paced technological advances that enable better patient care isn't easy - telemedicine, chip-enabled medications and the on-demand availability of patient data can make securing data more difficult than ever.

Challenges of Securing Healthcare

Challenges today come in all shapes and sizes. The threat landscape in 2017 is vastly different than it was just 10 years ago. Technology capabilities, the workforce and speed to market are also vastly different than they were 10 years ago. So why do so many healthcare organizations approach protecting their critical assets the same way they did in 2007?

Sure, healthcare environments are challenging to secure. Rapid business changes and expectations of convenience are often at odds with efforts to manage risk and compliance. With so many data breaches occurring today and the high percentage of them leveraging compromised credentials or compromised devices, the time to change the healthcare information security model is now.

A New Approach to Enterprise Security

Many have heard Google explain their BeyondCorp security model which effectively turned their security model on its end. Google’s decision to treat all networks as untrusted drove their strategy to one of providing secure pathways to their critical assets and establishing user trust and device trust on every application access attempt. But many view Google as having effectively unlimited resources, so what’s the right path for “typical” companies with limited resources?

Does a zero-trust model even make sense in healthcare? What would it look like? Would it drive better security, enable reductions in risk and drive operational efficiency in such a challenging environment?

Transforming Healthcare Information Security

Download Duo’s white paper, Transforming Healthcare Information Security, to understand the answers to these security strategy questions and learn how to reach the positive business outcomes that will keep healthcare organizations nimble and relevant. In this white paper, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Enable workforce members to work from any location
  • Provide flexibility to leverage company-issued technology or enable the secure use of BYOD
  • Drive meaningful visibility into security risks with fewer security tools, making security staff more productive
  • Raise end user satisfaction with security tools they actually enjoy using
  • Minimize legacy infrastructure spend and dependencies
  • Secure new business applications in hours, not weeks or months; enabling departments to move faster and drive better patient outcomes

Challenges left alone turn into roadblocks. Challenges addressed with effective strategy and innovation can positively transform your business.