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Zero Trust at Scale: A Look Inside Cisco’s Zero Trust Integration Model

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Why Cisco invested in Zero Trust when remote work initially gained foothold
  • How Cisco Zero Trust facilitates stakeholder engagement & buy-in
  • The effects that integrating a Zero Trust security strategy will have on helpdesk and IT talent
  • The respective behavior of Zero Trust solutions both on-premises and within SaaS
  • What the Zero Trust deployment timeline looked like at Cisco

The lessons your organization can take from Cisco’s Zero Trust initiative

At Cisco, we chose Duo’s Zero Trust security model to mitigate arduousness and ambiguity while we shifted into remote work, and subsequently realized the permanence of cloud-based tools like SaaS. Today, Cisco’s Zero Trust strategy ensures that we’re continuously:

  1. Verifying the user
  2. Confirming device health
  3. Validating that a Cisco-managed device is being used
  4. Making sure that applications can be accessed securely without onsite VPN connectivity

Zero Trust at Scale will provide you with an insider’s lens into this five-month Zero Trust security metamorphosis, helping you to better understand what similar architecture shifts could look like in your enterprise organization.

This guide dives into the sheer vitality of Zero Trust security, nodding to the vast benefits that this solution offered during remote work shifts. You’ll see how integrations of Duo’s product line both heightened data security and alleviated many of the challenges we faced as these shifts occurred, and understand how, here at Cisco, we simplified and expedited the executive buy-in process from the very beginning.

Our goal is to demonstrate how the fast and simple deployment of Duo’s Zero Trust security suite secured company-wide data at Cisco. After reading Zero Trust at Scale, you’ll be able to understand both the quantitative and qualitative benefits of these product integrations, aided by our statistical and anecdotal evidence of success.

Additionally, we make the technical side of Zero Trust deployment accessible with easy-to-digest language and sensical infographics, giving you the architectural knowledge you need to streamline your own processes.

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