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Zero Trust Evaluation Guide: For the Workforce

In this guide, you will learn how to evaluate a solution based on:

  • User Trust - Can you verify your users are who they say they are? Are you using a scalable, frictionless multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution?
  • Device Visibility - Do you have detailed insight into every type of device accessing your applications, across every platform?
  • Device Trust - Can you check the security posture and trust of all user devices accessing your applications? Can you securely support all devices and BYOD (bring your own device) - both corporate and personally-owned devices?
  • Adaptive Policies - Can you enforce granular, contextual policies based on user, device and location to protect access to specific applications?
  • Access to All Apps - Can you give your users a secure and consistent login experience to both on-premises and cloud applications?

Securing the Workforce

Your workforce is any user and device that connects to your applications.

Now that they're increasingly located outside of corporate walls due to the increase in mobile devices and cloud applications, enterprises lack visibility into and control over them.

How can you ensure users are really who they say they are? And that their devices aren't running out-of-date software with vulnerabilities, making them more likely to be compromised?

A Zero Trust Security Approach

To secure the workforce, you need to verify the identity of the user and ensure the security of their device before granting access to only the applications they need.

However, not every zero trust approach to securing the workforce is created equal. Our guide can help you evaluate different solutions, and what requirements your zero trust platform should have to support a modern organization.

A Zero Trust Security Model

A zero trust security model can help you secure against threats such as phishing, stolen credentials and out-of-date devices that may be vulnerable to known exploits and malware.

Duo provides the foundation for a zero trust security model by establishing user and device trust before granting access to applications - ensuring secure access for any user and device connecting to any application, from anywhere.

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