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Press Release
February 8th, 2017

Duo Security Takes On Traditional VPN and NAC Industries With Launch of Duo Beyond

With more end user devices accessing the corporate network than ever, surprising Duo research reveals Windows machines are often more secure than Macs

ANN ARBOR, MICH. - February 8, 2017 - Duo Security, the leading cloud-based Trusted Access provider and one of the fastest growing information security companies in the world, today unveiled Duo Beyond, which drastically improves and simplifies security management of how employees and devices access critical corporate applications. Duo Beyond is a commercial implementation of the BeyondCorp framework, developed by Google researchers as a best practice for network security.

Duo Beyond can be deployed in less than an hour to replace a company’s virtual private network (VPN) or network access control (NAC), protecting critical data for a fraction of the cost.

According to newly released Duo research, more than one-third of of access requests to a corporate network come from outside the firewall, increasing the risk for unauthorized remote access to sensitive data - often a primary cause of debilitating breaches.

Contrary to popular belief, Duo research also found Windows users are running more up-to-date software than Mac users.

For Mac endpoints, 83 percent have out-of-date operating systems compared to 72 percent for Windows.

On Macs, 55 percent have out-of-date browsers compared to 34 percent on Windows. As a point of comparison, only 35 percent of Chromebook operating systems are out of date.

Duo Goes Beyond the Firewall

With its 8,000 customers and five million users in mind, Duo’s implementation of Google’s BeyondCorp architecture shakes up the traditional security model, shifting from a firewall-based approach to access policies based on device information, device health and the associated user.

Information on a user’s physical location or network alone is no longer adequate in enforcing access security. With Duo Beyond, enterprise customers can allow for remote access to their on-premise resources without using a VPN or NAC application. Unlike a VPN that allows access to the entire network once a user is logged in, Duo Beyond now allows security managers to easily provide not only access, but also control which applications users actually need access to. All this for a fraction of the security budget and in a fraction of the time.

While traditional NAC solutions can take months to implement, Duo Beyond can be fully deployed in a fraction of the time. For travel giant, KAYAK, Duo Beyond was fully deployed in one hour.

“Duo Beyond is great for organizations with limited IT resources as it has a multiplier effect,” said Steve Myers, KAYAK Head of Security. “It allows one person to do the work of 10.”

Duo Beyond also gives IT administrators the ability to monitor and restrict remote access to certain applications based on whether the user has an employer-managed or unmanaged device.

“Securing the growing sea of unmanaged devices is a primary concern for security practitioners today, as we continue to see more and more breach headlines citing unauthorized access to corporate networks from contractors and remote users,” said Jon Oberheide, Duo Security Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “The industry needs to change the way it looks at security. Rather than being concerned with a user’s location, we need to make the process simpler, smarter and more secure. Period.”

A History of Security Disruption

Disruption has been the foundation for Duo since the beginning. Changing the game for the two-factor authentication (2FA) industry with its patented Duo Push technology, Duo eliminated the need for hardware tokens that previously made 2FA overly complicated and expensive. Most recently, the company introduced Duo Insight, a phishing simulation tool, and Duo’s secure single sign-on (SSO) into its Trusted Access Platform - simplifying the security tool kit and shaking up traditional phishing and SSO tools.

Today’s Duo Beyond launch coincides with the company’s announcement of a 135 percent increase in annual recurring revenue growth to $73 million in 2016, putting the company among the fastest-growing software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers in the world. 2016 marks the fourth straight year the company has achieved triple digit year-over-year growth and the first year the company is cash-flow positive. Duo quadrupled its user base to more than five million in 2016.

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