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Enabling Secure Business Continuity Together

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why zero-trust access simplifies securing a VPN-less remote work for every user, on every device and application, wherever they are
  • How Duo Security with Citrix Gateway and Workspace support a zero-trust contextual access strategy
  • Why a zero-trust strategy through Citrix Workspace can better protect SaaS and internal web apps, native apps, virtual apps and desktops, and files alike

The 2020 edition of Verizon’s Data Breach Incident Report found that 67% of breaches were due to credential theft, errors and social attacks*. This demonstrates that attackers continue to focus on gaining a foothold through a user’s legitimate access credentials. Fortunately, implementing strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) for remote access can dramatically reduce the risk of automated account takeover through these methods by up to 99.9%**

Since thousands of organizations rely on Citrix Gateway and Workspace for access to their documents and application data, ensuring that access is secured is mission-critical. Citrix’s BYO identity approach not only enables enterprises to preserve their investments, but it also allows them to leverage native IdP security capabilities like two-factor authentication and biometrics to protect the user within Citrix Workspace and secure access to company resources whether inside your network or SaaS-hosted. That’s why Citrix partnered with Duo Security: to help our joint customers secure their Citrix Gateway and Workspace environments, and support their holistic security strategies.

Join Nikhil Khare, PM of Applications Integrations at Duo Security and Eric Kenney, Senior PMM at Citrix to learn how you can leverage your existing security investments and help your users work remotely and securely, and where to get started!



Presenter Info

Eric Kenney, Senior PMM at Citrix

Eric Kenney is a senior product marketing manager at Citrix, focusing on how customers can protect their applications and data with Citrix Workspace. He’s worked in the technology industry for fifteen years, including the last 7 at Citrix.

Nikhil Khare, PM of Applications Integrations at Duo Security

Nikhil Khare is a Product Manager at Duo Security overseeing multiple product lines which allow customers to protect local on-premises and web applications with multi-factor authentication. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and an MS in Cybersecurity from San Jose State University and enjoys playing tennis and piano in his free time.