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5 Steps to a Stronger Managed Security Offering

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why supporting a strong zero trust security model is a key differentiator for industry-leading providers
  • How to position zero trust solutions to clients without jargon or buzzwords
  • How to measurably reduce security and compliance risks, without eroding margins or increasing service delivery costs

More than 80% of MSPs reported struggling to justify the increasing cost of security solutions to their clients in a recent provider survey*. This is no small concern: security and compliance risks increase as the expectations of their clients evolve, and MSPs slow to catch up face greater operational challenges and higher service delivery costs.

This session will outline five ways to turn these challenges into opportunities, starting with putting security strategy first––before choosing particular vendors or solutions. Through a zero trust framework, we’ll show you how to cut through the industry jargon and discuss how MSPs can align each component of their offering to this proactive and iterative security model.

Join Seth Wolin, MSP Business Manager at Duo Security, and Duo Advisory CISO Wolfgang Goerlich and learn how to focus on strategy before software, enhance relationships with key decision makers, strengthen your clients’ security posture, and more through a zero trust approach!