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Cybersecurity Insurance and MFA: What You Need to Know

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What cyber liability insurance is, and why it’s increasingly a necessity for organizations of every size
  • Why multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a requirement for purchasing or renewing a cyber insurance policy
  • How Duo may help in reducing risk as well as reducing premium costs

Cyber liability insurance (also known as cyber insurance) provides a general line of coverage for mitigating losses and costs from cyber incidents including data breaches, network damage, and potential business interruptions.

To determine what coverage is necessary, cyber liability insurers calculate cost based on a variety of risk-factors. Among them are industry, data coverage — and, most importantly, the security measures already in place. These providers want to ensure their clients are taking the fundamental safety measures to protect their systems and users. One common basic requirement is MFA authentication for secure access to better validate the user’s identity and defend against account compromise. Much more than merely one more box in the insurance requirement checklist, choosing the right MFA solution for the modern hybrid or cloud environment can lay the foundation for shifting security strategy from reactive to proactive.

Join special guest Cole Haney from insurance provider Hays Companies, along with Duo Security’s Product Marketing Manager Darcie Gainer and Federal Systems Engineer Jim Salmonson, to learn more about cyber liability insurance, MFA, and putting them together to build a strong security strategy for the future.

Presenter Info

Cole Haney, Assistant Vice President, Professional and Cyber Practice at Hays Companies

Cole Haney is an Assistant Vice President in the Professional and Cyber Practice at Hays Companies. Prior to Hays, Cole was a Cyber and E&O Advisor at Marsh, focusing on national accounts. Cole earned a Bachelor of Science from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management where he double majored in Finance and Risk Management & Insurance.

Darcie Gainer, Product Marketing Manager, Duo Security at Cisco

Darcie Gainer is a product marketing manager at Duo responsible for product launches and customer storytelling. She started as a senior customer success manager, helping some of Duo’s largest customers secure their users and applications. Darcie also spent almost two decades advising Fortune 500 companies in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, defense, technology and more on customer retention and growth strategies. Darcie holds both a BA and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Jim Salmonson, Federal Systems Engineer, Duo Security at Cisco

Jim Salmonson is a Technical Solutions Architect at Duo at Cisco with 25 years of experience in InfoSec. Jim's career has allowed him to contribute and grow with Fortune 500 organizations, education, state, local, and the federal government. Prior to joining Duo, Jim was a technical leader and policy advisor for one of the largest IT Infrastructures in North America. Jim lives in NC with his wife, two teens, enjoys hiking, and drumming with his band.