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Duo MSP Tech Talks APJC: Customer Deployment in 60-Minutes

Did you know that a Cisco Duo deployment can be done in 60 minutes? Sounds too good to be true, right? With Duo, it's possible! To prove it, we're putting 60 minutes on the clock and performing a real-time deployment to show you how.

This recorded webinar will showcase the Duo APJC Team as they enroll 150 users and protects 3 applications (SSO for O365, VPN, and Windows Logon/RDP) right in front of you! Along the way we’ll highlight the best practices, tips, and tricks to ensure that your next customer deployment can run just as smoothly.  In this webinar you'll also learn:

  • How to navigate the Duo admin panel 
  • Technical considerations for securing remote access and cloud applications 
  • Best practices for executing a Duo customer deployment 

Presenter Info

Czaerene Regondola

Solutions Engineer

Eun Ji Lee

Partner Account Manager