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Duo MSP Tech Talks APJC: Trusted Endpoints Unleashed

Duo has expanded access to our Trusted Endpoints feature previously available only to customers of our highest-tier edition. Now, all Duo customers of our three paid commercial editions, of which product names have changed but prices have remained the same, are now able to block access from unknown devices and allow only trusted devices to gain access to resources.

Join us to gain insights into the current attack landscape and discover how Duo can be your ally in safeguarding your customers!

In this webinar you'll learn

  • How Duo will help you offer your customers comprehensive access management security at an unmatched price point
  • The current attack landscape MFA helps to solve
  • How to be highly competitive by providing the best overall value to your customers with Duo

Presenter Info

Czaerene Regondola
Czaerene Regondola

Solutions Engineer

Eun Ji Lee
Eun Ji Lee

Partner Account Manager