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Duo Q&A Roundtable

In this roundtable, you can hear answers to questions like::

  • What's new in the world of MFA?
  • How can Duo improve my device health?
  • What are the components of Zero Trust?
  • And so much more!

You ask. We’ll answer!

Do you have questions related to Duo? Things like: What’s new in the world of MFA? What is security resilience and how does that fit into the Duo story? What are the components of Zero Trust? How can Duo improve my device health?

On June 2nd, join our panel of product marketing experts, Seema Kathuria, Ganesh Umapathy, and Ted Kietzman, as they host an hour long session dedicated to answering all of your burning questions about Duo.

Make sure to save your seat and register for this event!

Presenter Info

Seema Kathuria, Product Marketing Manager

Seema has 15+ years' experience marketing cybersecurity solutions, holds a computer engineering degree and is based in the Bay Area in California.

Ganesh Umapathy, Product Marketing Manager

Ganesh is a product marketing manager at Duo. He is responsible for go-to-market strategy, product launches, content creation and sales enablement. Ganesh has over 10 years of experience working in the technology industry in varying capacities across engineering, product management and product marketing roles. Ganesh holds an MBA from University of Washington, Seattle, and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from India.

Ted Kietzman, Product Marketing Manager III, Duo Security at Cisco

Ted has spent his career accelerating growth at SaaS startups. He has an MBA from Emory University and a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Bowdoin College. He enjoys fine cheese plates, board games, and watching videos of Richard Feynman explaining the world.