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Eliminate Passwords and Achieve Phishing-Resistant Authentication with Duo

In this webinar we will go over:

  • What makes authentication phishing resistant?
  • Duo’s vision of enabling strong authentication and zero trust access
  • How to implement phishing resistant authentication with Duo (demo)

Year after year, the Verizon Data Breach Report highlights the fact that compromised credentials contribute to the majority of security breaches. To prevent use of stolen passwords, organizations typically deploy multi-factor authentication (MFA). But not all MFA options offer the same level of assurance for identity verification. The issue with passwords and weak MFA options are so prevalent that earlier this year the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a memo with the subject “Moving the U.S. Government Towards Zero Trust Cybersecurity Principles”. The memo specifically requires agencies to use phishing resistant authentication options.

Cisco Duo’s vision is to provide strong authentication and simplify secure access for organizations of all sizes. As an active member of organizations such as Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Duo Security has contributed to creating strong authentication standards which has enabled us to seamlessly support MFA factors such as FIDO2/WebAuthn. And now, we are thrilled to bring our FIDO2-based passwordless authentication solution to all paying customers in the coming months.

Join Cisco Duo Product Marketing Manager, Ganesh Umapathy and Sales Engineer, Eddie Caballero, for an engaging session on how you can improve phishing resistance and increase adoption of passwordless authentication in your organization.

Presenter Info

Ganesh Umapathy, Product Marketing Manager

Ganesh is a product marketing manager at Duo. He is responsible for go-to-market strategy, product launches, content creation and sales enablement. Ganesh has over 10 years of experience working in the technology industry in varying capacities across engineering, product management and product marketing roles. Ganesh holds an MBA from University of Washington, Seattle, and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from India.

Eddie Caballero, Sales Engineer

Eddie is a sales engineer at Duo. With almost a decade in the IT industry working with Systems, Networking, Storage, and now Security products, Eddie is partnering with organizations to help architect Zero Trust Access for their network. Eddie holds twelve certifications in Information Technology including Azure Cloud.