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Goodbye Passwords and Why You Need a Passwordless Future

Passwords are one of the most vulnerable forms of identity verification. They also can create friction and frustration for users.

Businesses are moving towards passwordless authentication for these reasons. Challenges remain on implementation and planning it as part of the organization’s wider zero trust strategy. This session will help you mitigate potential challenges in delivering on the passwordless promise, plus gain an understanding of the different technologies available. See how passwordless authentication fits into your zero trust strategy.

In conjunction with World Password Day, join experts as they unpack:

  • The vulnerabilities of passwords and the importance of passwordless authentication
  • Common challenges faced while delivering passwordless protection
  • Potential strategies for implementing passwordless, including Cisco's approach
  • How passwordless protection fits into your broader zero trust strategy

Presenter Info

Vincent Ou

Duo Specialist, Cisco

Jatin Sachdeva

Principal Sales Architect, Cisco