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How to Strengthen your Authentication with Duo

In this webinar we will discuss benefits of Universal prompt including:

  • Modernizing authentication – learn how standard protocols like OIDC, and WebAuthn can modernize your authentication environment with Duo
  • Strengthening security – learn how implementing Duo solutions like Verified Duo Push and Risk-Based Authentication significantly mitigate your risk of an MFA attack
  • Simplifying access – learn how Duo minimizes user friction with a simple authentication experience, intuitive web-based design, and self-service empowerment

To stay ahead of modern-day attacks requires modern authentication. Cisco Duo has built an authentication prompt that delivers an arsenal of modern authentication methods to fit your users, environments, devices, and application needs.

Based on a decade of experience securing our customer’s authentication experience Duo developed the Universal Prompt. It provides ubiquitous, easy to use, strong authentication methods for the vast array of applications used in enterprises.

Presenter Info

Matt Brooks, Product Marketing Manager

Matt is a member of the Cisco Duo Product Marketing team. He comes from Citrix, where he held various roles within Services and Marketing focusing on a broad range of Security, Mobility, and Cloud products. He also has industry experience that includes other large technology companies including Verizon, Tracfone, and Nortel Networks. He holds a BS in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic University and a MBA from the University of Florida (Go Gators!)

Landy Naylor, Product Manager, Authentication

Landy is a Product Manager at Cisco Duo, leading our Authentication projects. He has been with Duo since 2018 and has a background specializing in enterprise support engineering. Before joining the Product Management team, Landy was a Senior Customer Solutions Engineer on the Global Enterprise team.