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Making Sense of Zero Trust

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to fit Zero Trust into your existing security strategy
  • How you’re already using zero trust methods, even if you’re not
  • What to do after getting through the basics

While the concept of zero-trust networking is nearly a decade old, the last few years have seen its popularity in industry discussions grow exponentially. Zero-trust strategies can benefit businesses of every size, but you may still be trying to find the truth among the buzz and answer “what IS Zero Trust, anyway?” If you ask ten vendors what zero-trust strategy means, you’ll get ten different answers. The question should be "what does it mean to you"?

Watch this session with Duo Advisory CISO Helen Patton for a grounded discussion on the realities of zero-trust for an existing security portfolio, and actionable items that will help you move the needle on delivering a zero trust vision for your organization.