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Maximize Your Duo Investment Today! Future Proof Your Identity Perimeter with Duo’s Continuous Identity Security, Cisco Identity Intelligence, and more

  • July 30, 12:00 pm Eastern Time

Register for this webinar where we’ll show you how to:

  • Delight your teams by simplifying application access and reducing logon fatigue with Duo’s Continuous Identity Security
  • Seamlessly deploy Duo’s Cisco Identity Intelligence & XDR Integration (without interrupting users) to find security threats & posture events that matter
  • Configure seamless zero trust identity & device policies across use cases to mitigate modern security threats such as credential, phishing, and device vulnerability attacks with Duo’s Trusted Endpoints, Risk-Based Authentication, & Health/Posture Risk solutions
  • Providing a frictionless secure access & enrollment experience for people (users, admins, & analysts) by consolidating single-sign-on (SSO) solutions with Duo SSO
  • Meet sticky new cyber-liability insurance requirements
  • Protect complex identity environments, acquisitions, mergers, conglomerates, and more

If you’ve ever purchased a product or service for your organization, you know it’s important to get the most value for your money. But to get that value, organizations need to use the features the product or service provides. Sometimes, that can be challenging. When it comes to your Duo subscription, we’re here to help.

Identity is the only perimeter left and AI & hybrid work is rapidly changing the threat landscape. According to CISA, attackers are actively exploiting identity policy gaps to gain access to critical applications and organizations feel they are not prepared and ready to protect themselves against modern attacks.

Working from anywhere at any time from any device creates more problems than IT teams can handle. With bad actors using AI to their advantage, attackers simply find workarounds for existing security solutions and infiltrate.

Traditional IAM (Identity & Access Management) solutions only have visibility into their own identity infrastructure, or work on a weak signal which creates a security silo or worse, a false sense of security. Duo’s Continuous Identity Security leverages data from your organization’s entire identity ecosystem to inform posture, detection, and response decisions.

Identity security detections shouldn't create headaches for security teams. As with any security solution, identity security will be most effective if it’s easy to adopt and manage. Strong identity security should be simple to integrate, deploy, and manage, while providing digestible, immediate insights from across your identity stack.

Ready to learn more? Save your spot for this hour-long webinar.

Presenter Info

Headshot of Mike Rotar, Engineering Product Management, Duo
Mike Rotar, Cisco Duo Product Marketing Manager

Mike is a Product Marketing Manager for Cisco Duo. He has been working in the identity and access management space since 2011, handling a wide variety of roles, including IT management, IT consulting/solutions architect, competitive intelligence, and now product marketing.