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Secure Your Public Sector House with a Duo Deadbolt

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why a work-from-anywhere security strategy needs to include better user and device visibility, not just MFA
  • How zero-trust access reduces the risk of phishing, ransomware, and other top threats facing public sector organizations in 2022
  • Why Duo Security’s zero-trust access model is a perfect fit for the public sector
  • What Duo looks like from a user and admin perspective, including a live demonstration

An Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity signaled a pivotal change in how public sector organizations should approach information security. While the recommendation of “Cloud First” for public sector IT modernization came a full decade ago in 2011, the unavoidable shift to remote work and learning starting in March 2020 forced government agencies and educational institutions to accelerate their hybrid- and cloud-environment evolution.

Managing this expanded perimeter with the usual budget and staff limitations facing organizations requires smarter tools and strategy, streamlining administration tasks without confusing users and accounting for the use cases inside and outside the traditional network environment. A zero-trust access model that moves past simple MFA to verify the security of the user and their devices each time an access decision is made provides better visibility on who and how has logged into critical resources. Paired with a granular policy engine so admins can customize the requirements for access to meet the right balance of security and usability for each application and user quickly and easily.

Join this session with public sector specialists Bart Green and Bob Slaney and learn how to improve your speed-to-security, reduce help desk tickets, and secure access for all users and all devices wherever they are using Duo!